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Three Tips For Your First Cosplay

Going to any comic book/anime convention is like stepping into a magical world. For those few days you get to be completely involved in your favorite hobby. You get to meet new people who have the same interest as you and you get to see people cosplaying as any character you could imagine.

Cosplaying is when a person dresses up as a character in either a film, show, comic book, and any other media you can think of. Some groups of friends will even plan out an entire matching cosplay and walk around the con together. If you have not cosplayed at a con you are missing out. Cosplay for the first time can be difficult if you don’t know where to start, here are three tips to make your first cosplay experience go smoothly.

Choosing Your Cosplay

Choosing a cosplay to wear to a con can be difficult to make when you love many characters. One of the easiest ways to decide on a cosplay is to make a list of characters you want to cosplay as. Then look at their outfit. Is there an outfit difficult to make or find, you might want to put that cosplay on the back-burner until your skills improve. Chose a character you love and don’t worry if other people will like it.

Some con-goers will even wear more than three cosplays in a three-day convention where some will wear one the entire con. How do you know what is right for you? If you feel like you have enough time and money to make/buy more than one cosplay then you might want to consider wearing different costume on different days. But if you love one cosplay so much then don’t feel pressure to wear more than one.

Making Or Buying

After choosing your cosplay you need to decide if you are going to make your cosplay or buy it. If you are making your first cosplay try to make sure the costume you are making is not going to be too advance for you to do. Look up tutorials online with anything you need help when making your cosplay. And make sure that you give yourself enough time to put everything together so you are not stressing out right before the con.

There is also the option of buying a pre-made cosplay to wear to cons too. One place that people go to find cosplays is just on Amazon. If you have more free money to spend there are also many people who can specifically make a cosplay for your body and the exact character you want. No matter if you make or buy your cosplay; cosplay is cosplay and you should be happy when you put it on.

Be Confident

Walking to the convention in cosplay can feel weird at first, but once you see more cosplayers you will feel like you are apart of something bigger. Make sure you are walking tall and proud- unless that’s something your character wouldn’t do- and enjoy being in this dream world while at the convention. You will see so many people smile and light up when they see your cosplay.

And at the con be proud of your cosplay, even if you see other people cosplaying as the same character remember that cosplay is not a competition. Everyone will have different levels of skills and different interpretations of a character and that’s what makes cosplay great. So if you see someone as your character or another related character make sure you go over and say “hi.”

Cosplaying is such a fun way to show off creativity. For your next con put together a cosplay and let me know in the comments down below what it is!

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