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The Obsession With Binging Shows

In the last few years, I bought Netflix. Before that whenever someone would say to watch a Netflix original or to watch something on Netflix I would always just shrug and say I don’t have it.

To give you a better understanding of me after I graduated college and moved out on my own I don't even own a T.V. in my apartment. I had no need to. I had no cable-only internet and I T.V. would have just been an unnecessary purchase.

But since then I have bought myself a smart T.V. where I can watch YouTube and Netflix on it with an internet connection.

Do I Hate T.V. Then?

When someone says they do not have a T.V. people think that person is crazy and think T.V.’s are evil. For me, I do not think T.V. is evil, my dad and I would watch shows and movies all the time together growing up. At the time I didn't have one I had just moved halfway across the country to live in a city where I know only one person I beat ten years ago.

I personally think T.V. is great to enjoy with friends and to relax. And now that I have a smart T.V. I can watch any show I want with my fiance.

Is Netflix To Blame?

People love blaming internet streaming services for why someone would sit all day and watch T.V. but even before I had Netflix there was a seven day period where I watched all of Entourage from start to finish. I was obsessed with that show. Everything about it was perfect form the acting all the way down to the filming locations.

But Netflix is not the only place that encourages binging. Think of all the channels like TBS and FX that will spend a whole day showing the same shoe or series of movies all in one day. So why is Netflix to blame for the binging culture?

People Love To Binge

I cannot say anything bad about people who sit down and try to binge a show in one day or a week because I’ve done it. Personally, I think people like binging shows because of the same reason I do. It gives you control. It allows you to keep selecting to watch another episode and then once you are done watching the show you have a sense of accomplishment.

Sure it’s not the best thing to feel accomplished about, but hey it’s better than most things out there. So do I think I will stop binging shows-no, but I do have a better understanding of why I like it so much.

In the comment down below let me know what shows you are currently binging.

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