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My Problem With Airports

I don’t like airports. This is a new fear that has recently come into my life in the last few years since when I was younger, my family went on airplanes to get us to our vacation destination. I don’t have any real memories of being in and sitting around the airports as a child. But I do have one airplane memory where I had to do homework during one of the flights.

It’s funny because whenever I tell people I don’t like airports, they always comment that they don’t like flying either. But here’s the thing, I don’t mind flying- I actually like flying. It’s the airport I don’t like and which stresses me out.

Airport Problems In General

But before you start thinking that I am silly for having a fear of airports hear me out. Everything goes wrong at airports. There are long lines to get through TSA and there always seems to be a hold up there because there are some people who don’t know the rules that have been established at airports for over a decade.

Then after TSA, you have to find your gate, hope the plane gets there on time, but it never does and it gets delayed or even canceled. And even if you make it on your flight you arrive at a second airport for a layover and have to find your new gate and hope that that flight isn’t late either.

There are just too many variables that are way out of your control.

The Ones I’ve Had

If you are thinking that no one can have that many problems at the airport and that I am just overreacting, you need to keep reading. There have been times where I’d arrive at the airport just to find out that my flight has been canceled. Other times after getting to my connecting flight, I have found out that my next flight is delayed for six hours and in that time I could have literally driven home in that time frame.

Even just going through TSA I’ve had issues with airline apps not working and loading barcodes making me get out of line and having to print a ticket to get back into line again. I have, even recently, been patted down by security agents after “something” showing up on their computers. And that one was the worst because it was a complete stranger touching me.

Airports are the worst and the only time I can ever relax is when I am out of the airport and sitting in my seat on the airplane.

Why I like airplanes

Right now you must be asking yourself how can I like flying? It’s easy flying the only person that has control is the pilot and the copilot and they’ve been trained to do their jobs. I know that the people flying the plane are capable of during their jobs and will do everything to get us there safely.

I don't have to worry about outside variables. All I have to do is put my trust in the pilots. And if I’m being honest, flying is a great time to take a nap. There has even been a time where a flight I was on hit heavy turbulence and all it did was rock me to sleep like a baby.

In the end, flying is a great way for me to visit my family since I live far away from them. But getting through the airport and my connecting flight’s airport is always something that stresses. And it stresses me out to the point my fiance has to help me through it even when he is not traveling with me.

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