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MAC Brush Set Review

When you are putting on makeup it's not just about buying quality makeup that will stay on your face all day. You also need to think about what brushes you are using when it comes to putting on makeup. You don't want to buy a brush that is going to fray easily or get loose brush fibers onto your face when you are applying makeup.

And when you first get into makeup there's nothing wrong with buying makeup sponges to help get your makeup on or to purchase low-quality brushes. This is just a time when you are figuring out your style and what brands you enjoy. But when you get more serious about your makeup you want to invest in quality brushes that will last and that you don't need to replace often.

One brand provides quality brush sets that every makeup lover needs is MAC. MAC has released multiple brush sets in the past years for those who take makeup seriously and want to achieve their dream look. So keep reading for our review on the MAC brush sets that they have released.

Who Is This Product For?

When you are buying anything from MAC you know it's going to be high quality. And it doesn't matter if you are buying their makeup or investing in their brushes, they provide high-quality brushes that will hopefully give you the look that you want for your makeup look.

But the MAC brush sets are not for everyone. Since MAC brush sets are expensive you need to make sure that if you're purchasing them, you appreciate makeup and take it very seriously. You do not want to use the MAC brush sets on a cheap makeup and instead only use them for higher-quality brands. This means that the MAC brush set is more for people who wear make-up every day and know what the different brushes are used for.

Additionally, the Mac brush sets are for people who will take care of their brushes by being gentle when using them and applying makeup and also for people who will clean them frequently. The MAC brush sets are a tool for people to use to get the makeup look that they want and should be treated with respect and should not just be flung around in someone's makeup bag.

What’s Included?

The original MAC brush set was 6 pieces. It contained a large angled contour brush, an angle foundation brush, a pencil brush, a mini shader brush, a small angle brush, and a medium angled shading brush. the original Mac brushes that were a great starter set for those needing quality brushes in one box set. This was great how to create simple looking wood for your makeup.

The MAC Snowbrush Kit has been loved by many makeup collectors. This brush kit includes a full powder brush, a rounded shadow brush, and an angled liner/brow brush. Though this brush set is small it can still get you an amazing flawless look.

The latest brush that MAC has released is its biggest at 32 pieces. It includes a loose powder brush, a rouge brush, a bevel contour brush, a contour brush, a blush brush, a foundation brush, a large eyeshadow brush, a medium eyeshadow brush, a bevel eye shadow brush, a small cone-shaped eye shadow brush, a fan brush, a fan fishing brush, a bevel eyebrow brush, an eyeliner brush, a lip brush, a concealer brush, a bevel concealer brush, a line brush, a bevel line brush, a large paste brush, a medium paste brush, an eyelash brush, a sponge stick to modify the brushes, and an eyebrow and eyelash finishing brush.

Overview Of Features:

When you invest in the MAC brush set you will receive a high-quality brush that has high-density bristle. Each Mac brush head adopts a special process, which is as soft as velvet, allowing you to create a smooth uniform make-up effect for quick and full coverage.

The MAC synthetic brushes are known to provide an amazing ability to hold powder, so you do not lose any when you are moving your makeup brush from your powder to your face. Since they are professional grade brushes, they will last years if taken care of correctly.

Depending on which MAC brush set you purchase you can receive a cheek blush, highlight brush, bottom powder brush, and Clyde powder brush, eyebrow brush, nose powder brush, eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, eyeliner brush, contour brush, and a foundation brush.

How To Use:

It is important to remember that every makeup brush is going to be different in the kit and have a different purpose to help get you a look. While many of the brushes and names tell you exactly what they should be used for, the only way for you to get better at makeup is to keep practicing. But the MAC brush set allows you to try new brushes. remember that makeup is for each individual person and how you wear your makeup might not be how someone else looks. It doesn't matter if you are heavy-handed when putting on your makeup or like to go for a more natural look, makeup is for everyone.


With MAC being a huge brand, when you are buying their products, you are not just purchasing their high-quality makeup brushes you are also buying their brand name. Since their products are expensive there is a great alternative for the MAC brush kit are brushes from Urban Decay.

Urban Decay is a trusted brand that many people love due to their quality products. Even though Urban Decay does not sell brush sets their brushes are a lot more affordable than MAC single brushes are. Urban Decay brushes are effortless to use and apply and blend your makeup. Since they do not sell their brushes in kits you can buy just the brushes you need and not feel like you are wasting your money when you do not use all of the brushes in a kit.


Overall, the Mac Brush set is a great investment for those who want to up their makeup brushes. Buying your brushes and if that allows you to save a little bit of money instead of having to buy them all individually. Additionally, when you do purchase a Mac brush set you are able to get a quality brush container to store them in as well.

We would recommend buying a MAC brush set since you will be receiving high-end brushes that can help transform your beauty look to a new level. But when you are looking at what brush set to buy make sure you look at your makeup regiment and see what brushes you actually use when applying makeup on. I know there is nothing wrong with wanting to use a new brush to learn a new skill you don't want to buy the 32 piece Mac brush set if you're only going to be using a few brushes from it. Make sure you are being mindful when purchasing your kit so you get the most use out of it.

MAC Brush Set Summary

The price varies depending on the kit you purchase.


It doesn't matter what Mac brush set you buy, because you know that you are getting professional-grade brushes to add to your collection. That is why we recommend any makeup collector to have a MAC brush set in their collection.






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