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5 Things I’ve Learned From Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the greatest shows ever released even if it is technically a kids show. With the original series having three seasons (and one really bad live-action movie) there were several characters we meet throughout that are special and change with the seasons. Even though this show aired on Nickelodeon iand was developed for kids it teaches many valuable lessons in this world that is at war

5. Everyone Has Their Own Talents

In the world of Avatar, there are four types of benders, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, who are able to bend and manipulate certain elements. But not everyone is born with bending abilities. Sokka is one of those people who cannot bend in a group of superior benders. This does not stop Sokka from trying his best when it comes to battle. In the group, he is known for his humor and for his strategy, and without his planning, he and Team Avatar would not be as successful as they are. So remember that even though you might not have the same talents as others yours are still important and can achieve what you want in your own way.

4. Disabilities Do Not Define Someone

The greatest earthbender in the world of Avatar is Toph. Toph comes from a well-off family, is stubborn, and is blind. Yes, the greatest earthbender on the show is blind. And her disabilities do not limit her when it comes to being a part of Team Avatar. Being blind makes her have to stop and listen to the world around her making her be in turn with herself and nature. Throughout the show, Toph’s blindness is not mentioned a lot since that not who she is. And if you have any disability to remember you are more than your disabilities. You are special and can do anything you put your mind to.

3. You Are Stronger Than You Think

One reason why Avatar is loved by millions of fans is because of Katara. Katara is someone that when we first met her she is a beginner waterbender who has to keep working at her skills to be seen as a master. Throughout the series, we see someone who was struggling with her talents to becoming a true waterbending master. You need to keep working to what you need to do to succeed and that your brain will let you do anything.

2. There Is Always Hope

In life, things will not always go your way and at times things can just pile up making you feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Aang knows what it is like to be without a support system since his whole civilization was wiped out. But in all of those hopeless moments, Aang focuses on what he does have like the people and animals in his life, and that gets him through it. He also reminds people that there is hope for them and for a better world if we all work together. Hope is something that you will need to get you through tough times and it will make you see that there is a bright light in the future for you.

1. People Can Change

The best character development and redemption arc even seen on the screen is with Zuko. When we first meet Zuko he is filled with anger trying to chase after something he will never get, his fathers approval. Though he is supposed to be the bad guy, Zuko has an internal struggle to do what is right over what his dad wants. By the end of the series, we see that Zuko looks down deep inside of himself to follow what he wants to do and not want his family wants him to do. And Zuko ends up being with supportive friends, filled with hope for the future. So no matter where you are in your life you can change to be the person you want to be.

In the comments down below let me know how Avatar: The Last Airbender taught you!

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