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Life Hack: Easy Vegan Brownies

I love spending time in the kitchen, and for me the time I enjoy most in the kitchen is when I am baking. Baking to me is a huge stress relief, it’s something that I did with my Grandma when she watched me when I was little, and I feel like when I bake treats for someone it’s a great way for me to show that I love them.

The majority of the time I am able to bake from scratch, but every so often I just need a quick fix. For me my favorite thing to “cheat” on baking from scratch is brownies. There are so many amazing brownies mixes that I can find at any supermarket for a very affordable price.

When I went vegan, I knew I had to start making things from scratch wither it be my cooking or my sweet deserts due to many prepared/prepackaged food having milk products or eggs. The other aspect of prepared/prepackaged food is that many of the ingredients that you are instructed to add are typically eggs, milk, or butter.

I knew I needed to think of something when it came to the brownie mix I could buy and make. The most important aspect of the brownie mix is it has to be vegan, so that means no milk chocolate brownies. Luckily, there are so many vegan brownie mix you can still pick your favorite and for my family that is the Walnut Brownie Mix.


So here is how I substitute the eggs in the mix so I can still make box brownies:

In a bowl I mash two browned bananas to act as eggs.

Add the water, vegetable oil and mix.

Bake to what the box says.


It’s really that easy! The bananas act like an egg by binding all of the other ingredients.

I, personally, cannot even taste the bananas in the brownies and even without the eggs the brownies still come out soft and gooey!

So next time you are in the craving for some delicious vegan brownies grab a box mix and some bananas to make for your next treat!

In the comments below tell me how your brownies turned out!

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