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KISS Acrylic Nail Kit Review

Let's face it doesn't matter how well dressed you are and how spot on your makeup is if your nails are not done as well. But going to the salon multiple times a month to get your nails done is expensive and takes a lot of time out of your day.

The latest trend for people to get their nails done yet save money is buying nail kits to do at home. One of the most popular kits that are out on the market is KISS Acrylic Nail Kit. KISS has been a go-to place for beauty since they have everything from nail care, lashes, and hair care items.

Now with their KISS Acrylic Nail Kit, they are becoming a brand that people love and trust. So keep forgetting to hear our review on the KISS Acrylic Nail Kit.

Who Is This Product For?

While this product is marketed towards anyone who likes to get their nails done you do need a certain level of experience to get the desired look that you want. Meaning that this is more for people who have experienced putting on fake nails and acrylic used before.

Just be aware if you do buy this product and you've never done acrylic nails before you might not get the desired look you want and you might go through several kits attempts before getting a better understanding of how to work the acrylic.

What’s Included?

If you are buying a nail kit you want to make sure that you got everything you need in that one kit to get the nails you want. And with the KISS Acrylic Nail Kit, you get all the items you need to create the perfect and they all look.

Just for $8.99 you get 20 white tips and 20 natural tips so you can get the nail look you want with this one kit no matter what your style is. You also get the acrylic liquid with 0.50 fluid oz., the clear acrylic powder with 0.25 oz., the maximum speed nail glue 0.10 oz., a sculpting brush, a nail file, and a manicure stick.

All of these items are what you are going to need when you are doing your own acrylic nails at home. With all of the items, KISS has made sure to do a thorough job thinking about their customers and making sure they do not start the process and realize they are missing something.

Overview Of Features:

The KISS Acrylic Nail Kit is perfect for those who want to get quality nails at a fraction of the price. Since this kit comes with everything you need for acrylic nails you do not have to worry about spending a lot of money buying different pieces to get everything you need for your nails. The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions to help guide you to get the best acrylic nails you can.

The best part about the KISS Acrylic Nail Kit is that you don't need to buy it just from the KISS online store. This product is sold at convenience stores such as Walmart and CVS. So the next time you're at the store and you see this on the shelf, definitely take time to look at the kit and see if it is something that you are interested in and try at your own home.

How To Use:

If this is going to be your first time putting on your own acrylic nails at home there is going to be a learning curve. But with instructions, we hope to make your first attempt at your nails a success.

  1. You need to make sure that your nails are clean and do not have any other nail products on them.

  2. Trim and file off the fringe of your natural nails.

  3. Push the cuticle of each of your nails back using the provided tool.

  4. Make sure to buff your nails before putting any of the KISS Acrylic Nail Kit products on.

  5. Remove the dust from buffing using a clean cotton ball.

  6. Select the proper tip for each finger.

  7. Place a bead size amount of the nail glue in the tip you are putting on. Move the small bead amount along the rest of the well to cover the full area.

  8. Then place it down and hold for about five seconds on the tip on your natural nail. Repeat for all of your nails.

  9. Put a small amount of acrylic into a small glass bowl.

  10. Dip the supplied brush into the liquid acrylic and wipe the excess of the side of the glass.

  11. Then slowly, pull the brush across the powder until a small ball forms.

  12. Place the acrylic ball mixture on the nail and gently press the ball from side to side

  13. Repeat steps 10-11 until the nail surface is level and smooth and has the shape that you want it to have.

  14. Let the acrylic harden for a minimum of five minutes. You will know that the acrylic nail has been cured if you tap your nail to it and you hear a clicking sound. If not, wait longer before you start filing down your nail.

  15. File down the tip of the nail to your desired length and shape.

  16. Finally, put the nail polish you want on top of your nail and the tip.

Pro Tip:

If you do not buff your nails the acrylic will have an issue saying put and we'll have a lifting where you do not buff on your nail.

You also want the nail tip that you are applying to be a tad bit bigger than your nail. Using a smaller size nail tip then your finger since acrylic nails shrink a little during the process.

Make sure when you are working with the acrylic you never dip the acrylic brush into the acrylic liquid bottle. This will contaminate the acrylic liquid.


An alternative to the KISS Acrylic Nail Kit is Mia Secret Acrylic Nail Kit. The Mai Secret Acrylic Nail kit also comes with everything you need for your nails, but they also include an ultra gloss top coat, nail primer, a nail brush to get the duffed dust off your nails, and emery block. This kit is more expensive at $17.45 but you do get more products like the top coat nail primers that you should be using that are not mentioned in the steps for the KISS nail kit.


The KISS Acrylic Nail Kit Is great for those who are passionate about getting their nails perfect to bring their whole style together. But if you are not willing to take the time to patiently get the process done this kit is not for you. The KISS Acrylic Nail Kit has a very steep learning curve and it will take you several tries of the kit to get it done how you'd like if you are not a nail technician.

And since the nail kit does not come with nail scissors you will have to take your time filing down a very long tip to get it to the length I would like to. Additionally, getting out all of the bumps and grooves from the art critic ball that you placed onto the nail will not completely bus out unless you have professional equipment.

So overall this is still a good nail kit to buy if you are just looking to get your nails done. This kid is not for amateurs who have trouble just painting their own nails. But this kid is for people who truly love working on their nails since it does take a skill level to get them to look good.

Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit Summary



While the KISS Acrylic Nail Kit is great for those who are Enthusiastic about nails and likes to do their own nail work themselves. We would not recommend this product for complete amateurs who have never done any type of acrylic or glue on nails before.




Come with everything you need for acrylic nails

Has step-by-step instructions

Has a steep learning curve

The nails in the kit are very long and they do not have nail clippers in the package. Meaning that you can easily damage the nail before you even start working for the acrylics.

You cannot get out all of the bumps and grooves of the acrylic you put on your nail with the provided nail file.

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