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IVF: 5 Facts & 5 Myths

Thanks to the advancement in technology there is now a process that can help people get pregnant called in vitro fertilization aka IVF. IVF has been gaining more and more popularity over the years and is giving people a chance to get pregnant and have their own baby. Even though IVF has been around for several years, many people do not know a lot about it. IVF is still seen as a mystery to many people since they do not fully understand the process. If you are considering IVF make sure to keep reading to find out the facts as we bust its common myths.

Myth: That It’s Only For Older People

There seems to be a myth that only older people have trouble conceiving a baby. This is not true at all. According to, that a woman at any age can have trouble with fertility. This can be due to genetics, medical history or even lifestyle and any woman who is having these issues even if she is young and in her 20s might consider and go for IVF to help get pregnant. If you are a young couple thinking about IVF just know you are not the only young couple who has this treatment.

Fact: It Might Not Be Covered By Health Insurance

Since IVF is a new process there is a chance that it may not be covered by your health insurance provider. states that the best way to find out if IVF is going to be covered is to call your health insurance provider and talk to someone about what your insurance does cover. You might find out that your health insurance does not cover anything at all meaning that you will have to save and budget to cover the treatment cost. So before you book an appointment call your insurance to see if it is covered.

Myth: People Get IVF Because Of Women Only Fertility Issues

There is an unfair myth that if a woman cannot get pregnant then it must be her fault. According to, there are times when the reason why a woman can't get pregnant is due to the male in the relationship. This is because men deal with fertility issues just like women do. Man can have trouble with their sperm count and how active their sperm are. Do not feel bad if you are not having any luck getting pregnant on your own because many factors affect pregnancy chances.

Fact: You Have To Have Treatments Before They Retrieve Your Eggs

During the IVF process, both the male and female partners must supply either eggs or sperm for the process to continue. mentions that the only way for a doctor to receive eggs from a woman is to go through rounds of treatment to increase her chances of supplying the best eggs she has. This means that the doctor places a fertilized egg back into the women, not the sperm by themselves. Before you start the process make sure you talk to your doctor to understand the whole process.

Myth: IVF Is The Only Infertility Solution

If you are dealing if having trouble conceiving a baby you might start to think that IFV is going to be the only way to have a baby. shown that IVF is not the only solution if you are having a baby. There are times if a person makes a lifestyle change then they are going to be able to have a higher chance of having a baby. So don’t think that this is the only choice you have, instead make sure you go and talk to a health professional to hear all of your options about having a baby.

Fact: It Can Affect You Mentally

Even though IVF is a physical treatment states that it can take a mental toll on both you and your partner. With IVF being a multiple-step process the time you start and end the process can take months and those months can be an emotional rollercoaster. One moment you can feel hopeful and excited then just to hear that the IVF didn’t take. Then you have to decide if you want to put that time and commitment back into another round. So don’t feel bad about being emotional through this process because everyone is.

Myth: IVF Means You Will Need A C-Section

Recently, there has been a rumor going around that says that if you have IVF done to help you get pregnant then you have to have a C-section. According to, this rumor is not true at all and does not increase your chances of needing a C-section. Just like any other pregnancy, a C-sections can be chosen by a woman or if the baby’s needs require it then a C-section will be performed. But this does not mean that a C-section is the only option.

Fact: There May Be No Side Effects

Since IVF has a process and is not a natural way to conceive a child, some people think that there are going to be extra side effects because of that. But states that IVF does have some side effects, but it is extremely rare if a woman experiences them. Overall, a woman will still feel the same symptoms during pregnancy just like any other and IVF does not intensify any extra side effects. If you are one of those rare women that do experience side effects from IVF there will most likely be headaches and feeling nauseous.

Myth: You Will Have A Child Right Away

The biggest myth out there about IVF is that once you start the process of IVF then you will get pregnant right away. has shown that IVF only helps increase a woman's chances of having a pregnancy. Several couples who have gone from IVF treatment has had to go through multiple rounds of treatment before they even got pregnant. IVF is a process and just like any process, it means it takes time. Remember just because you start the process of IVF does not mean you will have a baby this first round of treatment.

Fact: The Place Multiple Eggs In The Women

IVF is a process that has multiple steps in it and the step of the doctors placing the fertilized eggs back into your body is one where they place multiple eggs back in you. states that this is done because not every egg they place back inside a woman is going to be successful. Some eggs will not be able to survive b the transfer back nor will the body accept every egg that is placed inside her. So to increase the chances of successes doctors place multiple eggs back.

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