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In Honor Of Maybe

The last 2 weeks I have not posted any blog post on my site. With my blog still being new this is not ideally the best thing for me to do, but I was dealing with my mental health.

On Monday July 8th, 2019 our dog, Maybe, passed away.

Maybe with Fluffkins

Back around the new year, Luke noticed that Maybe had a small area on her breast that was cancerous. Since then the cancer grew and grew until it was hard for her to stand up and lay down.

Maybe was still a very happy dog though, she loved her food, naps, and getting pet; and through it all she always had a beautiful smile on her face.

Maybe passed away at home in one of the dog cages where she felt most safe. I’m happy she passed at home, but I still miss her everyday and catch myself calling her name sometimes.

Maybe was the first of Luke’s dogs that was allowed out in the house with me when we all moved in together. She was the biggest sweetheart in the world. She spent many nights at the foot of our bed just wanting to be close to us at night. She was even the first one to protect me and the house when there was untrustworthy “workers” at the house.

I love Maybe so much and I am so grateful that she loved me and accepted my as he mommy even if it was only for a short time.

Maybe's paw print

I am happy that Maybe is not in pain anymore and she is with her mom and dad up in heaven. I will always be thinking of her and be grateful for everything she has taught me. Maybe still lives on in her daughter, Emma, who is a lot like her mother.

I will miss her smile around the house and her smile waking me up in the morning. I’m still sad that she is gone, but I hope she knows how much I love her and that one day Luke and I will see her again.

Maybe was always smiling

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