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How To Make The Best Sushi At Home

One of my favorite meals to make at home is sushi. It’s affordable, fun to make, and healthy so who wouldn’t want to make it? And if I am being honest I probably make sushi every other week. But the art of making sushi can be difficult, you are working with a seaweed wraps that can break easily, so you need to be patient and careful if you are making sushi at home. If you know the right secrets then it could be a lot easier for you to make sushi for you and your family. So keep reading to discover the five things you need to know to make the perfect sushi at home.

Get Bamboo Sushi Mat

Bamboo sushi mats are amazing if you need any help rolling your sushi after you add your fillings. Bamboo mats are perfect to help get your homemade sushi into a tight roll that will not fall apart as you cut it into pieces. And how the mats are designed they are extremely easy to roll and help tighten whatever kind of sushi rolls you made. And if you are interested in making an inside out sushi roll that has the rice on the outside and the filling in the inside your bamboo mat can help with that too! All you would need it to put plastic wrap around the bamboo mat or put the mat inside a plastic bag and it will help keep the rice from sticking to it. This trick has helped me several times to make the perfect sushi rolls.

It’s All About The Rice

One of the main ingredients in sushi rolls is rice. And the type of rice you want to make your roll with will affect how easily it is to make the sushi. The best type of rice to use for sushi rolls is, of course, sushi rice since it is sticky and will not break the seaweed wrap as you try to roll the sushi. But if you cannot find sushi rice then you need to use a short grain rice. Any long grain rice will break the seaweed wrap as you try to roll it. Your rice also needs to be cool and not by the refrigerator. If you put your rice in the fridge, it can stick together and clump. But if you use warm rice it will start to melt the seaweed wrap too.

Press Your Tofu

Tofu is my favorite protein to add to sushi. The best type of tofu to use in your sushi rolls is extra firm tofu. Since the extra firm tofu has the least amount of liquid in it, it will hold its shape better in the roll. To make sure that your tofu won’t fall apart when you are trying to roll the seaweed it is best that you press the tofu to get any excess moisture out of it. This will allow the tofu to hold its shape and not turn into mush. You can also pan fry your tofu too to give it a nice crispy texture in the sushi.

Wet Your Hands

When dealing with the sticky rice that comes with making sushi I have found it is best to keep a little bowl of water around you so you can wet your hands. Wet hands will help keep the rice from sticky to you and keep it on the sushi roll. And with wet hands, you know that you are not wasting rice by using paper towels to get it off your hands. Having a little bowl of water next to you is also beneficial for when you want to seal your sushi warp when you are done rolling it. All you need is to dip your fingers in the water and then on the seaweed and it will create a seal to keep the roll together.

Use A Sharp Knife

The biggest mistake that people make when they want to make sushi at home is not using the right knife to cut the roll into sections. You need to make sure that you are using a sharp long knife that will let you make one motion as you cut the rolls. Using a dull knife will unravel your sushi or even completely smush your roll. And if you find that your knife is getting sticky when you are cutting your sushi try placing it under cool water to help get some of the stickiness off.

Now that you know how to make the perfect sushi tell me in the comments what kind of sushi you are going to make with these tips!

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