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How Having Pets Can Changed Your Life

Growing up I never had any type of pet that you could cuddle or play with. I had fishes growing up. And though fishes are a great starter pet for any kid, I always wanted a cat or dog, but my parents had always said no. And even when we had the perfect opportunity to adopt one, it was the same answer I heard time and time again.

So eventually I thought I wasn’t an animal person because when I would go to my friend’s house their dogs would always be jumping up on me and barking and I didn’t like that. But my fiance, Luke, made me realize I just don’t like untrained animals since he brought my first pet, Fluffkins into my life I knew I would love her forever.

Great Company

When Luke brought Fluffkins to live with me before we all got a house together I was so afraid I was going to hurt her. I never knew how to take care of a pet like her before and my anxiety got the best of me. But Fluffkins quickly turned into my best friend. If there were days when I didn’t want to get out of bed she would curl up next to me so we could relax together. She would wait for me at the door every time I got home from an outing. She is not just my cat, or my best friend, but she is my companion. And since adding other animals to my life it is so nice to see how excited they are when you get home and how pets want to follow you throughout the day.

Protection From Everything

By having four dogs, my house and I are protected. There was a time when Luke was visiting family when it was just the animals and me, that the dogs went into overprotective mode. The two girl dogs, Emma and Maybe, would not sleep in the bedroom like they normally did. Instead, they sat in the hallway of the front door to make sure that they would be able to protect me. And even though at times it can be frustrating when dogs just want to bark at anyone or thing that goes past the house. But it is just because they love us!

Emma and I taking a nap. With Fluffkins and Mr. Business up in their cat tree.

Unconditional Love

There is no doubt that I love my animals, but the best part is how much they love me too. Pets provide unconditional love for their owners. We are there for them all day and night, we feed them, bathe them, give them toys so it makes sense that they are affectionate to us back. One of my dogs, Emma, is so sweet towards me even though I met her when she was five. She has fully accepted me as her Mommy and snuggles me all night long by putting one of her paws over my stomach so we can be as close a possible.

Since I had Fluffkins live with me; Luke and I moved in together I have welcomed three dogs, Lewis, Maybe, and Emma, in my life as well as adopting a baby kitten, Mr. Business, A little puppy, Gatsby, and seven beautiful chickens into my home and heart.

So in the comments down below let me know how your pets have changed your life for the better!

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