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Crying at Your Medical Bill is as American as Apple Pie

For many when they think of America, they think of freedom, bald eagles, and apple pie. The U.S. is supposed to be a place for people to come and live the American dream- to live a better life, to be financially stable, to be successful. But now, the reality for those dreams are far from the truth nowadays.

Today many people live paycheck to paycheck, barely making ends meet. The Covid pandemic showed the harsh truth that people in power wanted to hide; that America is made for the rich and powerful. When people started to call out big pharma and corporations it is not surprising that the rich turned their heads.

1k After Insurance for a 10 Minute Meeting

So, with how off balance the power was I don’t know why I was shocked when I received a medical bill for a single specialist appointment for my blood clot. The single appointment bill was almost $1,000 after insurance. My appointment with the specialist lasted about 10 minute and I spent more time getting blood drawn than with the doctor.

It felt like my heart stopped when I read the bill and instantly my eyes began to fill with tears. The bill had nothing on it other than the amount due. No itemized listing for the price tag and no explaining what my insurance covered with the hefty price tag.

How Do the Chronically Ill Handle This

Getting this bill for one specialist made me think about my parents. My father passed away after losing his fight from lung cancer. His fight included multiple rounds of chemo, radiation, and appointments with specialists. I never once thought about the bills that came with his treatment. Before this bill I never thought about how people with chronic illness handle medical bills.

People who live with a chronic illness are constantly surrounded by medical bills. This world wind surrounding them is something they are not able to get out. Causing them stress and worry not just about their medical bills, but if they are going to have enough money to just make rent.

The system that we have has never worked. It should not be possible that a single medical bill can set people back in their lives where it affects their ability to rent. How can America be the land of the free when so many are chained to medical debt they cannot get out of.

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