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Creativity & Burnout

I think it’s safe to say that I am a creative person. I run a blog, I make my living from writing, and I enjoy crafts as a pastime. The only problem with being a creative person is burnout. There are a few things that I don’t agree with when it comes to being a creative person is that you can't make money doing what you love and of course, the infamous “writer's block.”

I like to believe that I break both of those stigmas. For one, I pay all of my bills now with my freelance writing work. And secondly, I find that coming up with ideas for stories and articles is not necessarily easy but you can train yourself to make be to create when needed. And if you follow an outline writer's block isn’t a thing. But burnout, on the other hand, is hard and when it comes it comes in full swing.

My Creative Well

My creative well is filled with ideas and stories that are waiting for me to write. At times I feel frustrated that I am not able to sit down and write them all at once because, in reality, my own personal writing does come second since I don’t make money off of it. And writing takes a lot of mental brainpower to sit down and write an article or a novel.

I am happy that I was able to start writing my vampire novel series, but I am not even done with the first draft and I already want to start writing other novels. It’s not because I lost interest in my book, but it’s because I have too many ideas in my head.

Pushing To Hard/ Burn Out

Last month was crazy for me. I dealt with the personal struggle of losing my dog and having issues getting documents from the government I needed. Then for my writing, I wrote over 40 articles written for my freelance work and not is not counting the blog posts I wrote and the 25k words I wrote for my novel. Burn out was just coming my way.

The burn out this time was bad. I spent many days in bed due to feeling overwhelmed and sad from the loss of Maybe. I started procrastinating articles that I had to get down for my freelance writing and then stress and push myself to get things done by the deadline. And I think that’s the worst part is that people push themselves and push themselves, hit a wall, then have to push even harder to get the basic stuff done.

Find A Balance

I know I need to find a balance, the problem is I don’t know what that balance is. I set high goals for myself and do everything in my power to achieve those goals. And one thing I cannot forget is that part of my creativity is making me a living with the freelance articles I write so I really can’t cut those. I also want to get another 25k in my vampire novel so I can be almost done with the first draft.

So how do I balance doing what I love for a living with what I want to do with my spare time and find the energy to live my life? I’m not sure, but hopefully, I can spend this month and the next month trying new things to get me balance and have peace in my life.

In the comments down below let me know if have ever struggled with burn out and what you did to get past it.

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