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Being A Freelancer

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Did you ever notice that when you are growing up and in college, no one talks about freelancing as a career choice? Being a freelancer is amazing! You set your own hours, can take up as much work as you want, and can do it anywhere in the world. Yet no one is talking about it.

There are freelancing opportunities for so many fields like writing, graphic design, web design, marketing, and so much more. And being a freelancer can be a rewarding and lucrative field to be in.

Why Go Freelance?

I become a freelance writer since there are not full-time writing jobs around where I live. Freelance writing allows me to be my own boss and write for different clients in all different types of fields.

Many people become freelancers when they do not want to sit in an office all day and work for a company that wouldn’t even notice if you left. I love the fact that I can work anywhere in the world. Even last week I was in New England visiting family while I was still about to perform my freelance duties.

How Do You Get Into Freelancing?

Today I actually uploaded a video to my YouTube channel about how to get into freelance writing:

Before You Start Your Journey

The biggest thing you need to know about going into freelancing is believing in yourself. You need to trust yourself; you need to trust that you have the skills, dedication, and motivation to succeed in this career.

Taking the leap of fate to bet on yourself is the only thing that is stopping you from living your dream life.

In the comments down below let me know if you are a freelancer or have ever considered it.

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