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A Real Representation of Mental Illness with Surviving The Chaos

When you are someone who lives with a mental illness it is something you will have to handle and work on your whole life.

There is no miracle cure or special speech that you can have/listen to that will make you better. Mental health is a daily thing that people need to focus on. And if you have a mental illness your struggle to have a good mental health day is going to be more challenging than others.

The last time that readers have heard from Samantha Steiner, was with her debut memoir, My Bipolar Mind: You Are Not Alone.

Now, less than two weeks after rebranding and republishing her debut memoir Samantha is back sharing her story with part two, My Bipolar Mind: Surviving the Chaos.


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Right from the beginning, the second installment of My Bipolar Mind was different in a good way. Not only does Samantha tell her story as she continues to struggle with her mental illness, but she also has many pages filled with useful facts and tips about mental illness and mental health.

One of my favorite parts of the books is how Samantha has tips to help promote good mental health such as journaling and focusing on day at a time. These tips are useful to have when going through a brought patch and they are something I started to implement in my life when my depression is acting up.

This book still holds true to being a memoir too. Samantha starts her second book where the first one left off with Samantha still trying to stay sober and work on her mental health issues.

Surviving The Chaos reminds me and its readers that even though one can get sober reaming sober is still something they have to work on every day.

And this is also true when it comes to her bipolar diagnosis. It is so easy for people to write off people with mental health issues since you cannot show people a scar or a cast for them to have sympathy. So it's easy for people to forget. To forget that you told them and that are battling every day with your brain.

When you have a mental illness people can accept you to act like nothing is wrong at all since they can't see your "injury." Surviving The Chaos is what we need in this world to help people understand mental illness and to help break the stigma around it.

Samantha is brave to continue sharing her story and it will help people understand mental illness better.

Pick up your copy of My Bipolar Mind: Surviving The Chaos today on Amazon.

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