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Daria: A Love Letter

One of MTV’s most known animated shows is Daria. Daria, for those under a rock, follows a highschool student, Daria, who is unimpressed by most things. Daria is just trying to navigate life with her best friend Jane. Together they overcome all the highschool fears like being an outcast, dealing with popular students, boy trouble, and applying for college.

Even though I didn’t Daria how when it originally aired, this show still rings true today. And this is my thank you/love letter to Daria for making me feel less alone.

Building up walls

Some parts of watching Daria was like watching a younger me. It was even painful at times to see Daria push people away knowing that I did the same thing too. I understand Daria’s sarcasm to protect her from the people and world around her. She and I use it in a way to make sure that we can be part of the conversation, but not get to close. As if revealing something true about us could be used as target later on.

The toughest part is when the walls you built up become too lonely, and you wonder if you will ever meet a true friend.

It’s hard making friends

Daria is not the easy person to get along with and has a past of being a loner so making friends is not second nature to her. But many people try to reach out to her in school. I know that in school it can be tough to make friends because you are forced to be in class and even projects with people who have no common interest as you. Just like Daria people would try to have small talk with me and I would push them away. Daria has not only the smart classmates reach out to her, but also the popular people too. It can be hard for us to open up to people though incase they decide that we are not enough.

Daria does end up finding a best friend, Jane, who both share a unique sense of humor and look at life. Finding that one true friend is hard, but I am happy I found my “Jane.” Once I found my “Jane” I felt less alone and shocked that someone wanted to hang out with me. I was able to be my true self and I accept them as their true self too. Together we overcame fears and doubt, and enjoyed new experiences. It’s nice when you can find a Jane to your Daria.

Family is tough

The biggest part of Daria I relate to the most is her relationship with her family. I have a sibling like Quinn. Well… my sibling is an older brother, but I know how it feels to have a popular sibling. Everyone on highschool knew my brother and loved my brother. He had a tight group of friends like Quinn too. Sure they weren’t talking about clothes and makeup, but they sure knew how to make me feel uninvited. Daria and I both know that is can be difficult living in the shadows of one of your family members.

Comment down below what show you feel a special connection with.

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