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5 Questions NOT to Ask an Engaged Couple

It is safe to say that love is in the air. Whenever I log into Facebook or Instagram there is a new post of someone on their knee proposing or a ring shot of an excited bride-to-be.

Getting engaged is exciting and one of the most memorable things that happen in life. But there tend to be a lot of questions people ask once you get engaged. Here are some questions to keep off your list when talking to an engaged couple.

How long have you guys been together?

This question seems to be nice and innocent, but this is the question I fear the most. My fiance and I didn’t date long before we got engaged like it was less than 7 days. But time in a relationship doesn’t affect why you love and care about someone.

This doesn’t just affect people who dated a short time before they got engaged, but also people who have been dating 5+ years. Trust me everyone has already used the “it’s about time” joke on them and those couples still don’t think it’s funny.

When’s the wedding?

I know that when people ask about when the wedding is they just want to start dreaming of the type of season and what your wedding could possibly look like. They want to think of the flowers and the color scheme and maybe even give you tips for weddings in that season.

I personally hate this question because I know that many people who ask this question will not be invited to my wedding. My dream wedding would be less than 25 people there, but that is not even my whole family let alone thinking of my fiance’s side.

Are you pregnant?

Why would you ask this question? No, I’m not pregnant and thanks for thinking that I am/look like I am pregnant. I don’t care if you were asking out of curiosity or just because you hope I am, you still shouldn’t ask this question.

And even if someone who is engaged is pregnant doesn’t give you permission to ask if someone is only getting married/got engaged because of a pregnancy. This is between the engaged couple so you can keep any of your snotty remarks to yourself.

How much was the ring?

Again with the rude questions.

No, I will not answer this question. And I will take my hand back instantly if you are looking at my ring when you ask it.

What do his/her parents think/your parents think?

This is another one of those questions that seem innocent, but I wish people didn’t ask my fiance or me. These questions, when asked to my fiance, will always leave with awkward silence. He’ll say that my mom is happy for us, but then people always push about my dad. My fiance has to tell his friend that my dad passed from cancer a few years ago. Then the awkward silence comes and they wish they didn’t ask the question.

Many people take for granted a good relationship with their parents or take for granted that they have two parents. There are several people out there that only have one parent. This could be because one parent was never in the picture or because of the death of a parent. Either way, it could lead to an awkward situation. Many people do not speak to their parents anymore. Any of the reasons to are going to painful and none of your business.

Let me know in the comments if you have been asked any of these questions or any other questions you wished someone didn’t ask after you got to engage.

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