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Change the Starz


Change the Starz is a small corner of the internet where the creator, Jessica, is able to share everything she loves with people who are like her. Jessica loves creating original content that makes people feel excited and less alone in this gigantic world.

About the Creator

Jessica has been writing since she was 8-years-old when at Easter she wouldn’t play with her new toys, but decided she needed to write an Easter story instead. To enhance her writing abilities she has graduated from college with a bachelor in Creative Writing and Communication. Currently, Jessica is a freelance writer and has written for Stacker, Gamers Decide, and Bad Penny Factory. When not reading, writing or drawing Jessica is trying to get one of her many animals to cuddle her or baking up a storm in her kitchen.

Jessica and her fiancé, Luke, recently uprooted their New England life to move South and live in Arkansas.
There she runs an online antique store.

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